Using CSI Literacy in a digital classroom

Neale Pitches 

"I really really, really like CSI. Every kid should do it because it’s fun and makes them better readers, even me". A ten-year-old student’s face lit up when talking about CSI Literacymore

Finding their voice with digital shared reading

Nathan Donaldson 
Nicky Simms knew she was onto something remarkable when one of her students with autism raised his hand and asked a thoughtful question during a literacy lesson. It was rare to even hear his voice in class, let alone have him actively engage with a text. more

The secret’s out – Boys’ reading achievement CAN be improved…

Neale Pitches 
Sometimes it takes someone else to tell us what we already know! So it is with the vexed issue of boys’ reading achievement. In its 2009 report, the OECD acknowledged the critical role played by engagement: “Most of the gender gap can be explained by boys being less engaged, and less engaged students show lower performance” (PISA 2009 Results: Learning to Learn, Vol III, 2009, p.13). more