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CSI Chapters School Package


CSI Chapters School Package

Growing your students’ reading abilities shouldn’t be hard. We’ve made it easy with CSI Chapters, a series of short books for teachers who need engaging texts for guided or small group reading.

The CSI Chapters School Package is the comprehensive CSI Chapters resource – the ultimate addition to your school’s resource room. You’ll receive over 4,000 pages of engaging print and digital content.

The CSI Chapters School Package covers grades 3, 4 and 5 and includes 6 x each of 25 titles, 25 matching interactive e-books, and 3 Teachers’ Guides with lesson plans and graphic organizers.

CSI Chapters is for grades 3–5. It is a flexible resource that supports multiple approaches to classroom teaching.

 Inside the CSI Chapters School Package:

  • 6 x print books of every title in the CSI Chapters series (150 books)
  • 25 x matching CSI Chapters e-books
  • 3 x Teachers’ Guide with lesson plans and graphic organizers

Teaching purpose: Small group

Fiction/nonfiction: Fiction/nonfiction

Grade level: 3–5

Subject: Language arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, English Language Learning, Writing

Format: Paperback