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Pathways: Code Talkers


Pathways: Code Talkers
Pathways: Code Talkers Pathways: Code Talkers

What do you get is you cross a sheep, a turkey, an owl, and a pig? An order to "stop" of course! Confused? Read on, to solve one of the most puzzling codes ever created!

Available in Spanish – Aventuras: ¡Especialistas en Códigos!

Pathways is a series of 24 fun, nonfiction chapter books in which students are guided through their reading by the friendly "Nat the Ant".

Find lesson plans and teaching materials for Code Talkers here.

Pathways is designed to support transitional readers to build stamina, become familiar with nonfiction text features and language, and maintain progress and enthusiasm for their reading.

Each book includes:

  • thought-provoking "ant questions"
  • a surprise fold-out Ant Tunnel to motivate readers halfway
  • a detailed glossary

The Aventuras books are perfect for Spanish readers and language learners, and bilingual/dual-language learning environments.

Aventuras has been created through "authentic transliteration", rather than as a direct translation. This means the humor is still funny, the text is fluid, and the terms and expressions are as real and genuine as possible for your readers!

Level K
Grade 2
32 pages
Social Studies – US History